Steph Curry Gets Dunked On By James Johnson Of The Miami Heat

James Johnson decided to end the 3rd quarter of the recent Golden State vs Miami game by posterizing Steph Curry with a vicious buzzer-beater dunk.

Johnson was set up with a nice pick at the top of the key by his teammate which forced the Golden State defense to try and switch defenders on Johnson.

Johnson capitalizes on the poor defensive switch and while Draymond Green is taken out of the play by the pick, Johnson quickly penetrates the lane before the switching defender can fully comprehend what’s going on.

During the play breakdown, Steph Curry is the only one in the lane, and he has to act as the rim protector. Steph knows that he’s in a bad position and he quickly tries to get outside the protected area so he can try and take the charge. Bad idea…

James Johnson is 6’9″, which is pretty staggering compared to Steph Curry’s 6’3″ frame, and he utilizes the size advantage to lay down a monster dunk and also make Curry look like a bowling pin in the process.